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It’s Official – I’m in the facebook demographic


I’m usually about 18 months behind the internet trendy curves, but in some twist of the space-time continuum, I managed to catch on to Facebook at exactly the moment it “tipped” into my demographic.  That is “The female, mid-thirties” demographic.  Kids not required, but significant other seems to be.  The four friend invitations in a single day from old classmates and long-lost-track-of friends sealed the deal.  But that’s what makes Facebook great.

For my part, I have greatly appreciated the peep into my friends’ lives (hey, sorry you’re sick today) and catching up with far away friends (oh, hey, I didn’t know so and so had 3 kids!).  In some ways, it’s become like a wierd class reunion.  I just don’t have to lose 20 pounds and dye the hair for a weekend of pretending to still be 18.

Instead, on Facebook, I can convey my image in a single icon on my homepage – that carefully chosen picture that just happened to be in great lighting on a day my hair wasn’t doing its usual frizzy thing.  And apparently, that little picture is a big deal.  I have a friend (also on Facebook) who works at a photography studio that is doing “Facebook” sessions where women can go spend an evening, get a makeover then get a picture taken.  My first thought was BRILLIANT.  My second thought was (but what if my hair is doing its frizzy thing that day?  Better not risk it.)  I expect there will be much more marketing targeted my way over the coming months.  It will be interesting to see what advertisers think I’m interested in.

In the meantime, my husband is running for the hills, bemoaning that all coolness that facebook ever had has been sucked into the black hole of “popularity”.  I’m sure the teens agree.  I’m going to have to go get a Twitter account just to annoy him.

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