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Tepring and the 30 Day Challenge


Ok, there’s a nice symmetry here in blogging about the 30 Day Challenge, but it probably requires explanation!

The 30 Day Challenge is a teaching, marketing seminar organized around making an online business.  The lessons and coursework are spread out over – you got it – 30 days and each day includes a set of video presentations and, presumably, a task or two.  I say presumably, because as of now, Day 3, I am still looking for the “action” statements at the end of each lesson.  It took me the first three days to figure out that the daily email rants showing up in my inbox are actually “pep talks” and designed to encourage the “classmates” to show initiative and persistence.  So perhaps the lack of specific “go do this” at the end of each day’s assignment is an homage to the idea that the entrepreneur just seriously needs to <insert the phrase “get off your ass”> and go DO it.

I must have passed the test, because I’ve dutifully spent time with each of the concepts and tools being taught. I’ll conveniently ignore the fact that it took me 2 days to complete Day 2.

For me, the exercise is partly to test out their theory that “anyone can make money on the web” and partly to learn some of the basics of SEO and marketing that is very well presented in this course.  Those basics will be applicable to several personal projects, whether they turn into “businesses” or not.  The course is free and so are the basic tools one needs to set up the site.  My husband’s business does tons of SEO and small business websites, so this also may provide a way for me to get more involved in his work.  Or not.

My main interest is in writing and spending the next year exploring ways I can earn some income for my family doing it.  As I understand it, a big part of the 30 Day Challenge revolves around product and market niche blogging, so…  There’s the lovely symmetry: Blogging about learning to blog.  And hopefully someday making a little money doing it.  The 30 Day Challenge sets a goal of making your first dollar online by the end of the 30 days.  It may be ONLY one dollar, but the process is the key.

I’m going to spend my dollar on gum.

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