Adventures into the Madness



Where are you?  What are you doing here?

This Blog contains the ramblings of me:  Tepring.  Hence the domain name.  Clever huh?

Who is Tepring?  Oh, well, it’s – you know – me!  But we haven’t been introduced.

I am a thirtysomething (for a little bit longer) writer, composer, mother of two, wife, musician, sci-fi lover, sometimes theologian, mostly ordinary person.  And as for the name, my parents are to blame.  They did it to me.  T’Pring is a Star Trek:TOS (the original series) character who appeared in one episode.  She was the Vulcan hottie who dumped Spock at the wedding altar.  My husband was nervous for weeks before our wedding.  I guess 18 years later he’s not so worried any more, but of all the instruments we have collected over the years, there is a suspicious lack of Gongs. hmmm….

I have been writing stories and music for as long as I can remember.  My first “major” compositional work, a piano suite, was a Carnival of the Animals that included a story to accompany each animal’s movement.  When time for college came around, I was more active and interested in music at the time so I went the composition route.  Two degrees and lots of excitement later – a brief stint in silicon valley high-tech, children, and a move back to the midwest – I picked up writing again about two years ago.  Part of my goal with this blog is to create some discipline around writing and learn more about the craft side of this fun hobby.

I am interested in lots of topics and tend to think too much, so there will be plenty of ground to cover here.  I suspect everything from parenting to marketing to critiques of books and the KC Symphony will appear at some point.  In the lingo of TV production, I’ve got a very messy franchise!  Different every day doesn’t solidify audiences, but it does make writing much more fun.

See you in the future…


p.s. If you are another “Tepring”, “Tipring”, etc. out there, drop me a note.  I’d love to hear from those of you who also got stuck with a parental mental moment.  If there are enough, I’ll add a separate page for you to tell your own T’Pring story!

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